They say, I am the girl with words
Impervious, melancholic yet brilliant.
I find myself asking, why is that every time I talk to you
words don’t seem to come through
Like a hanging vowel,
Parted lips that gasped for air
Suddenly, words weren’t enough,
because you made me feel emotions
that I have no words for.
I am repulsed, yet thrilled.

—C. JoyBell C.
The kaleidoscope girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart
Acrylic on canvas, July 2014

The kaleidoscope girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart

Acrylic on canvas, July 2014

Ate curious lang po, kumakanta ka po ba? —by fayefrancisco

I participated in singing contests when I was younger… I also sang in a band… but now I sing in the shower no, not only in the shower cos I belch out my lungs even if I’m in my room and I think my neighbours don’t mind. Haha! So to answer your qualm, I may or may not sing hihi hosting and being a comm student helped in modulating my voice tho :)

Hi, I love you and your blog. :) —by genovanikki

Thank you, it’s all love around here. Welcome to this realm :)


Bonjour mis amigos and mis amigas, guten tag!
Did I just speak French Spanish German in one sentence again. Ugh I tend to do that. Anyhoo, dearest readers, followers. I can finally blog again. Yes, yes, no photo to suffice for today’s post because all of my files are still in my other laptop. YES, I have a new laptop! HALLELUJAH. I am overjoyed. No more biglang namamatay while doing a 5 page paper or doing a helluva long blog post that I end up not writing because it was not saved. The specs makes me cry. This is a great great update. Truly. You have served me well little netbook. Believe it or not, I do all my digital art work with that tinsy tiny net book. Cos I believe, artists need not to wait for the perfect materials to start working but they must work with what they have. But man, having specs like these I can work more efficiently and create better work! Not to mention, conveniently. Can’t wait to make mix media collages and photo manipulations! But before I can make those, I need to sort out and organize files and install new software plus other applications. Also, our THESIS DEFENSE is on Friday (queue drum roll). We’ll make it. I’ll re-read this post on the day that we are celebrating. Solitude is a good excuse for a hiatus. Also, academics. Hah.

The human brain is wired to seek form and structure, so bullets about the latest happenings I have not blogged about yet:

  • Bloggers Expo II
  • PBA All stars hosting
  • Weekend adventures
  • Freshmen treat, IGNITE 2014 hosting
  • Andy’s party, sparkles and the experience of barfing
  • Thesis nights
  • KAMALAYAN hosting
  • Teeter totters and book shopping
  • Senior life
  • My room is now surrounded with buildings of books
  • I read around a dozen of books over the storm
  • Social networking hiatus led to more concrete thoughts that are not fleeting and happy art making
  • Noveau art
  • Metapora, a date with word and sketches
  • Dreams and visions and hallucinations
  • other thoughts and poetic drama

Until then, hang tight. 

Have you had a memory of something that you wanted to forget soooo badly? 😞 —by welcometohalcyon

Memories it is amazing how the human brain is capable of such thing. Looking back, I don’t want to forget anything. Good or bad, it makes up who I am today. And I am grateful for that. :)

—Percy Bysshe Shelley

How are you today? 7/20/14 10:00 —by egph12

I like timestamps. Today is 8/9/14 2:13PM I feel alright and in a certain equinox of chaos and harmony. School is wallowing up most of my time. I will look back at this message after I finished all of my tasks and tell myself, “See, you’ve made it. You always do.” thanks for asking me how I am, not a lot of people remember to ask what is the current state of you, being a college student that is expected to have yourself divided into three

Hello, ate Pau! How do you manage your time? It seems like you're able to do so many things. I wanna make most out of everything like you do. —by itscinderstella

Hello there! Hmm. HOW DO I? I don’t even know. I still get stressed and cram at times but I miraculously finish things and get shit done. I know that as students are human in general, we tend to feel anxious, pressured, and be worrisome. But, we must not. It is a waste of time. Contradictory to the fact that we NEED more time. Again, it is somehow a fallacy. For we are given enough time each day we must just know how to use it. It is a fact, that I do so many things, and still I try to find time to do the things that I love. I’m practicing the art of “Productive Procrastination” as Austin Kleon stated. Anyhoo, just live one day at a time. If you’re at a party, then party! If today you need to study for your exams then study! Y’know, it’s a matter of living in the present. Surprisingly, you’ll feel lighter and don’t feel the need to be anxious cos you just focus on the time given for you today.