"Hi Ate! Anung color ng hair mo?" lol. joke. This is a cliché already. Hah! My first time to message you here. But I've been reading your blog for months now. Never fail to entertain me in so many ways. Plus, all your lessons that are undeniably helping the lives of your followers. Needless to say, you are unconsciously inspiring us. Please don't stop. Your existence may be one of the reasons others don't give up. Keep smiling and shining. May the force be with you, Queen Pauline! :) —by animaginable

Haha! I remember getting that question before over and over I had to put it in my FAQs. Nonetheless, reading this message is a great way to end my day. It still leaves me at awe at times, that I actually inspire people. Even just one person is a big thing already. And to my readers, thank you for your sincerity, love, and appreciation. Do know that I sincerely appreciate your messages and all the wonderful things you say. Thank you for inspiring me too, so don’t stop nor hesitate to ask me and send me messages. As you can see, I have my anon button off for quite a long time already because anonymous haters that I have before are just unnecessary pollution and unneeded opinions and the same drama over again which I got tired of and do not need because I believe that the power of choice is in us, to declutter our lives, to choose the positive side while using the negatives to develop. “I will collect beautiful things, moments and that will be my life” :-) So this little escape here in the internet, which is my blog. Your thoughts and inner poetic side are welcome here. You can ask and share it to me. I’m still a hormonal teen going through a rollecoaster which is life. I’m glad to be able to experience a lot. I try to be positive and see the brighter side of things not because I’m miss sunny shine shine all the time, but because I have experienced tragic things and dark demons in me that I have to conquer. I know we’ll all be great, everything is going to be awesome. :-)

Ate Pau, pls pls pls post pictures ng debut mo. Hihi. :) —by queenmcll


I am secretive, well, not really but I’m more of  reserved person in certain things. Back read to know why I haven’t posted a thing about my debut. Haha that’s moi, before I go out hihi. 012113

Hi, Ate Pau. Canon or Nikon? Alin po mas maganda? Salamat. ;) —by sealedwithlov3

This has been an issue ever since. Especially in my earlier days of being an MMA student. The cliche question of “Which is better?” but dear readers, photography enthusiasts and the like. The gear e.g. camera, lens and such are equally important of course, but the quality of the photos, the output, the way you manipulate or handle the camera as to what you want your photos to be is solely up to you. Canon or Nikon; they are just brands. The performance of each depends on your subjective disposition. (and probably read through forums on what kind of camera is best for you) Buy a camera that suits you. I believe there is no such thing as “mas maganda” because even if you have a Nikon D700 or Canon Mark III but you do not know how to take photos and just rely on automatic settings, well, the camera goes to waste. There’s so much creative potential for you to express in having a camera. I’ve interviewed a photojournalist in Philippine Daily Inquirer, he uses Canon, mainly because he is sponsored for it and Canon provides easy access to service centers. My professor uses both Canon and Nikon. My other photography prof uses Nikon. I’ve worked with people who uses Nikon as well as Canon. They have their own biases but professionals usually say it’s foolish to ask such. But I am, we are, guilty of this comparison. But now, we should be enlightened with this. That it doesn’t really matter. It’s up to you on how you will use it. Ask yourself, what do you need? Your budget? and practical things. Also,

"In photography, this means you must learn to control the camera, rather than letting it control you." - Bryan Quesada

I hope I’ve helped you in a way. And to those who asked, are asking, and will ask. :)

The letter Q and glass letters;

theyvettesantos asked you: Where do you study? I’m multimedia arts student also, hihi you’re so pretty btw! Girl crush and my inspiration as well :) God Bless! xx
For new readers, check this out first! FAQs :) Anyhoo, thank you you’re so sweet!
Why hello there! Oh yes, I accepted the role for my good high school is included in the prod team and they gleefully asked my parents’ permission. I’m equally excited to work with them as well. And I miss acting haha! I was told it will be shown in the cinemas? Sure why not :)
hello! :)
Hi Pau! :) I saw in one of your blogs before that you’ve read Everyday by David Levithan and since then i eyed for the book. :D I dunno, i just felt i wanted to read the book also haha and just recently i bought a copy already. I was of course excited to finish the book, but school works won’t allow me to move from a certain page hahahaha anyway, can you pls tell me your insights about the book? Did you enjoy reading it? :) And thank you in advanced! xx 
— anabcxx
Some followers asked me the same question! Search through the TAs, and or tags and you will find it there. It doesn’t hurt to back read! :) I am really happy that I am influencing you guys to read, once you’ve finished reading a book or have something in mind about a really good book, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message! :)
Pau! akala ko afro ka dun sa thumbnail mo hihihihi! miss you je je je«not being jejemon it’s French. also not Arab kakaiba ang jeje sa arab. 
Ugh screw you Amiel it’s a flip hair shot! Hahaha I miss you! Crazy ka forever it should be JEAUX JEAUX JEAUX =)) See you around!
Ate Pauline! Weeee! I’m really really really happy for you. You passed and you’re on the dean’s list (or PL, I guess). Yey! And I told you that already. :) God will forever guide you, us. Hee. I love your new blog. It’s more of a blog worth-dying-to-read. A better version, lots of improvement but no matter how many times you change your blog, I will never stop reading it and be updated and will never ever miss a post. It’s so refreshing. I feel so free and happy and I feel like all my negativity and sadness has turn into sand whenever I read your blog. (but then comes back for another reason hahaha) Anyway, we’re leaving the Phil perhaps end of September or 1st week of October and see, I really want to meet up with you since Summer. I’m hoping you could have the time now. But it really is okay with me if you can’t, if you’re busy. I truly understand. I still love you no matter what. :D Xx 
I am at lost for words. You are one of the few readers that have made a special spot in my heart because of your consistency and love. True, God never fails to amaze me. His blessing leave me at awe. I still smile to myself whenever I remember I’m on the President’s List. Aaahhh chills. Haha! As for my blog, it’s about time I changed things up a bit! I try to blog and write again for the sake of passion and love for writing and sharing stories. It feels a lot happier to do so now instead of it being a chore. I hope I can see you too! I reckon your message last summer. Are you gonna stay there for good? I’ll message you. ;) Thank you again! God bless you!


Hello, a compilation of the TAs I randomly picked, also answering some Anons back when my anon was on. Haha whew. It greatly reduced the msgs and happy to see faces asking, Check this out if you might luckily find your msg/question here.here it goes!

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Hello, to new and the old. Kindly check this out first before asking any question okay cupcakes? Heh. I’ve been receiving the same questions all over even tho I’ve answered them already. Plus, it’ll save you time haha. Thanks!

Where do you spend your spare time in school, at home or anywhere? —by Anonymous

I cannot fathom why I find this question lovely, it’s like you are pondering some place else in the universe about where and what am I doing. It’s beautiful if ever I’ve crossed your mind someplace in betwixt. I spend most of my spare time in school, which are breaks in the caf to eat, then at the library, if not, at the oval side with benches. After school, I hang out with my friends someplace to have coffee or to eat and chat or anywhere to make everyday different than the other. We take long walks at stoned paths and across the streets. I love being at home, mostly, I’m just in my room. Drawing. Or staring at my ceiling with glow in the dark stars. My room is my haven, a cocoon. There’s something exquisitely whimsical about how the sun dips into the other side of the world and its rays pass through my curtains and I just lay there, in my bed. Watching. Enraptured. I like going to places close to nature, yes city lights are beautiful but there’s something about the water, the sun, and the trees that keeps me sane. That everything is where it should be. Anyway, Have I written too much or not at all? I am everywhere, nowhere. You’d find me in places close to what I love.

Hi Pauline! Nakita ko yung isang nag-TA sayo. Yung gumawa ng 'P SQUARED' nacute-an din ako dun. Hihihi. Parang yun na yung tawag naming mga followers mo sa inyong dalawa ni Phil. Hihihi. Be inlove, be P SQUARED. ❤ —by Anonymous

Hi! Ayyy so there’s a P-Squared fiasco already hahaha it’s cute tho :>Hi sorry for taking lots of pictures altho you are camera shy. I am sorry you can’t do anything about it.

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Omg Ate Pau. You're beyond perfect lol. Napa-isip tuloy ako sa magiging bf mo sa haha. Wala lang. Hihi :)) —by Anonymous

Omg hello. Hahaha! Kidd. Grabe. I am not perfect, what is beyond perfect pa? I burp out of the blue even while talking, I spill things, my hair is unruly, I get cranky at times, I get scolded, just so you know guys, I don’t have it all together always, I still have parents who parent me yknow, and I’ve still got a lot of growing up to do, tho I’ve embraced my imperfections, I still continue in doin so, and that makes me free. Hihi :> BIG THANK YOU tho, I feel flattered. And… Ako din. Hmmm hahahaha

May kamukha ka pong pornstar. Sayang siya. wag ka pong magpopornstar ha? sayang kase onti nalang yung magagandang babae na reserve. :) Ingat ka po lage. —by Anonymous

Kakaibang compliment to. Hahaha! Napaghahalatang nanunuod po? HAHA JK. why would I resort to that mygad, you guys are cray. anyway. For your peace of mind, I won’t. Ever. My last resort would be a musician on the street or having a rock band bwahaha