I guess I’m gonna be the kinda girlfriend who makes pancakes and bacon for my boyfriend but after giving it I’ll ask if I could eat it first

A few days ago back when my hair was three shades of blonde.

A few days ago back when my hair was three shades of blonde.

Stu-dying. Out of focus. See what I did there. Midterms, 2012.

Stu-dying. Out of focus. See what I did there. Midterms, 2012.

For writing, stamping, and polaroids.


I honestly don’t want to sell this but I’m generous enough.. hahaha. This could be used on labeling your plain notebooks, on putting your initials on sticky notes… okay I’m not gonna sell this na :( Handy and affordable typewriter for the aspiring hipster in you. Hahaha lol. But seriously, this is one cool cheese. So buy it now before I change my mind!!!!


Finally! My sticky notes that I leave everywhere is here! :D And I don’t want to sell these na din (hay) ok what, sabi sa inyo I can’t own an online shoppe cos I’d want everything for myself #medyoselfish


Cos you’re a fancy lad and you hang your photos with these fancy pegs! <3 I don’t wanna sell these na rin :| Ok pauline, stop. Hahaha everything is limited! And the next time might take some time, so get em now!

Would it be okay if I stare at you this close? :)  (Taken with Instagram)

Would it be okay if I stare at you this close? :) (Taken with Instagram)

I told you I’m a pokemon.

Accdng to Ate Porshe, I look like Raichu. My hair colour is, certainly. Hahaha! to you people who told me I look like Pikachu with the red dots on both cheeks. I’ve evolved! HA. Raichu. Ok her compliment was too cute for words. Hi Ate P <3 Thank you for being ever so nice and sweet and it feels like I have an Ate. :>

Q & As

Please don’t forget me. I’m going away.  I just need to feel safe. I’ve got a thousand sweaters and shoes and paintings to hide the skeletons in my bed.

Don’t ask where I’m going. I’m going away. I’m going my way. Finally it’s my time to be lonely, and lost, unloved and i can’t wait.Don’t forget what I said. Don’t forget my letter. Every night I pray for you. I don’t got no religion, isn’t that something?

From the first pola;

the Alice in wonderland diary that holds my deepest thoughts, Bow tie, circular things that remind me of them, Ipod and useless phone for days.

second pola;

Few clothes, haven’t packed yet. And I have to sleep early cos I have to wake up at 5. Doomed. I love the coca-cola sack bag tho, it feels 60’s-ish. Thank Pops for the never ending coca cola freebies since I was a baby. You rock.

third pola;

happy photo at the beach of a happy summer at the end of the Philippines.

I’ve been active lately, lol. Don’t be shocked if I disappear again without notice. I do that. Alright loves, enjoy the last few weeks of May!

The weather was sunny outside and it is the total reverse of the atmosphere in my room. The insides of my four walls are gloomy in a good way, calm rather, and I just wanted to paint. Daylight peaking through my window, I started. With Santa Monica Dream by Angus and Julia Stone and a Mixtape of strange songs that makes sense. I disconnected with the world, I liked it. I don’t paint two artworks in a row, only when I’m inspired or when I’m in the mood, given the fact that I am a lazy art student. I draw/paint cos I want to think.. or I don’t. I am a compilation of paradoxes. I finished just before the Sun sank to the other side of the world, I was lying on the floor, iPod, earphones on,a view of the window and sky from where I am lying and nothing but a good spinal crack, it’s one of my favorite feelings. Contemplating about life, the things that have transpired, and thinking about bits of the future. Everything is surreal. Dreams like oceans. I feel like I was floating. And I could just disappear to oblivion in that moment. I was letting things sink into my system. Watching the sky for falling words. I needed to breathe. We agreed to that one week.  A lot can happen in a day, and that’s the thing about it, it goes by so fast yet it feels like forever. I guess I should sleep already, It’s strange that I’ll sleep early today. I need to wake up in the morning, yep cos I usually wake up in the afternoon, so that I could get my non-pro license *smirk*. My uncle will accompany me, and luckily my mom decided to put it as priority though it costs much. I joked, we have money for that already? She said, We won’t have groceries for that okay hahaha lol I’m just happy I can continue with my driving! And who knows I might be stealing our own car for my selfish roadtrip. I kid, I kid. I owe you 3 more posts; Family Reunion. Pencil Portrait. And Flashback of April. bonsoir tu me manques.

"Summer Mixtape"
01 The Boat Song - Set Sail02 The Warmup - Set Sail03 I Would Do Anything For You - Foster The People04 Hug Me - Meg and Dia05 Going Away - Meg and Dia06 Nineteen Stars - Meg and Dia07 Silver tongue - Young Knives08 She&#8217;s Got You High - Mumm-ra09 Time to pretend - MGMT10 Reckless Kids - Crystal Castles/MGMT

"Summer Mixtape"

01 The Boat Song - Set Sail
02 The Warmup - Set Sail
03 I Would Do Anything For You - Foster The People
04 Hug Me - Meg and Dia
05 Going Away - Meg and Dia
06 Nineteen Stars - Meg and Dia
07 Silver tongue - Young Knives
08 She’s Got You High - Mumm-ra
09 Time to pretend - MGMT
10 Reckless Kids - Crystal Castles/MGMT