The girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart;

Today was a wonderful summer day. The road was sparkling, the sky ever so blue, the trees were at their greenest and the laughter was certainly not few.

I had a chance to recuperate my thoughts whilst on the road staring at the sky, counting cars and drifting into a daydream while The Beatles was playing. It was nice to get away for a while.
I had grown closer to grasping this certain feeling I was talking about. I felt this certain change in perspective and I said hello to photography once again, unknowingly I was living the things on my Summer list. I also reckoned that, “There is beauty in everything, but not all can see it” that is why we must try harder and appreciate the beauty around us. Yes, even our untamed hair and burning cheeks under the scorching sun. I also felt a certain peace in our Visita Iglesia trip. We do this yearly and I’m glad our family is a happy and close one. I’ll post more photos tomorrow! Dear Summer, I must say, so far so good. 

Some Sunday morning scratch painting sketches; Eyes
Yep, that felt like a tongue twister. Ahhh it feels good to have paint on my hands again.

Outtakes from Skate Days(ze)


Awkward running candid shot (c) Julliane (little sis) Muscle tees from P!


Yep and this one too.

I just found this in my drafts, this was around august? or so.
Three things I miss here:

my longer hair, skating, and the luxury of time.

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Friday scenario in class


I am a hamster, don’t mess with me. I can do things like… be cute and stuff and bite you with my wittle teeth.


I’m hungry. Do you have biscuits or… Cheetos perhaps


Uh-oh my real human self(ie)

We were doing this 3D eiffel tower and mine looks like… not an eiffel tower. So Mac lab was 40% taking selfies and singing videos with my bff, 20% going down to eat, 10% Surfing the net, and 30% of actually doing 3D in Maya. 8:30PM classes became bearable cos after class we get reunited with our guys and we go out to eat after or something. And last night… we gathered in a circle in a dark carpark with only the front lights of the car lighting the big space. We all then asked, “So who’s up for Valentine’s?” and then the happy conspiracy goes

Skulls and Floras are paradoxes that is me.

Hello, It’s me. In case you already forgot the way I smile, or how uffishly messy my hair is, how my moles are like dots beneath my eyes are almost symmetrical, It’s me, can’t you see? The bright tomato cheeked heroine that saves the day she almost ruined, that revives ants, and scribbles poetry on table napkins. It’s me, it’s me. It’s me whom you’ve read scattered pieces of a little girl that is now nineteen. It’s me, it’s still me. The lost girl, like a ghost cat, choosing when to show herself and enjoys her solitude, it’s me, it’s me. Do you now see? It’s still me, the spark within me hasn’t burnt out. It only took a detour and a trip of the soul savouring solitude. It’s me, the girl who is generally nice, wittily sarcastic, yet will love you for who and what you are. The girl who loses herself in books, who fancies pressing flowers in books, who imprints herself in books. It’s me who has a heart longing for places yet unknown, it’s me, really it’s me. I need this reminder to remind myself that it’s me, yes, it is me. Do you now remember?

Hello, I am Pauline. It’s nice to meet you.




I got my hair chopped and this is my recent long hair photo. Although I must say that my hair is still long and the short hair photo is faux ‘cos my close friend freaked out and I let her freak out for a day haha I am so nice. I kinda like my hair more now, it’s softer and shorter and 80% less split ends and dead hair. I got a cut in fear of a stunted growth cos of idk, too much hair dyeing resulting to hair dying. Haha Oh well, how’s life? Mine’s pretty good and busy although I struggle to accomplish my tasks before the deadline. NOVEMBER 30 AND DECEMBER 1 were awesome! Celebrated Phil’s birthday and two other events teehee. I’ve been pretty exhausted lately but my friends keep me sane and ironically insane at the same time. Everyone’s busy as a bee and I hope to feel the calm holiday vibe soon. But first I must and I shall face a pile of schoolwork before enjoying . I hope I land somewhere even just on the dean’s list but blah, anyway I just wish to pass all my courses and have a merry merry christmas. Guten Nacht! 

P.S hahahaha sorry I can’t help but laugh, she. just. won’t. give. up on the Miyuki name, the old acc. was deleted but she made a new one with “real miyuki” c’mon give it up already everyone knows it’s not me: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006999426296&fref=ts
Kindly report if you wanna help terminate such pollutants. Aye aye! Stay cool, kids!

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A good girl misfit.

A lovely afternoon at The Fields (outtakes)

Wearing my new favourite cardigan that I bought weeks ago. Apparently Joyce loves it too haha. I love the candid shots, P! 

The same day a little around twenty three,

Your hair was shorter, you’ve grown much taller,

It’s been over a year and still, I’m wearing the smile you gave me.

It was the beginning of September, paving way to a whimsical October.

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